The Gebs 24

Saturday, 2nd November


TheGebs24 will talk about retro gaming and collecting!!

Like many of you TheGebs24 has been gaming from a young age. She fell many a times off the Ski Slopes of Horace Goes Skiing on the ZX Spectrum and later battled her way to victory in the 150cc Gold Cup of Super Mario Kart.

Now in to 2019 she has a growing audience on YouTube and is well known in the Retro Gaming Community for her stunning collection of retro games and consoles.

At level ’36’ TheGebs aims to build an even bigger collection of rare retro games and geeky wares and has the benefit of being able to share it all on YouTube. “Do what you can to do what you love” is an ethos TheGebs projects in her Live Streams. Gaming and collecting is certainly a monumental aspect of that quote.


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